Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So a small little part of me came up missing on Friday morning before I was trying to leave for Wichita... my Blackberry! I don't like to accuse people of stealing as my track record for losing things by myself isn't good...however this time I’m almost 99% sure someone is now taking advantage of my favorite little red device. I guess I learned my lesson and should just be blessed that it was only my phone! From now on I will take only my keys to work and keep my cell phone on me at all times!
You don't realize how much you depended/used something until its gone! At first I was REALLY upset as I didn't want to head to Wichita without my phone (not to mention it had my whole life on it-calendar,contacts, photos,etc) but then as I got on the road (without it) this since of peace came over me. It was the best 2 days ever! I loved the fact that no one could get a hold of me and I couldn't contact anyone else! This day and age we thrive on being able to stay connected with the outside world at ALL times and I think this effects how we view life.

So now I am currently using my old flip phone until I make my decision of what to do. Decisions/Decisions!

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