Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to the daily grind

Monday. It means back to the daily grind. I thought maybe this Monday I would try to get back to the daily post... maybe weekly post as a few of you have ask where I've been.

-My missing phone was never found. (still mad about that. love my bb curve!!)
-I'm fighting fires daily at work, only now in a different city
-My love of finding deals has turned me into one of those crazy coupon ladies.

PS. I purchased 7 kleenex's (100 count/with lotion) + 1 box tampons + 1 package hair ties for....... $0.42 at Walgreens this week! :)  

Happy deal finding this week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So a small little part of me came up missing on Friday morning before I was trying to leave for Wichita... my Blackberry! I don't like to accuse people of stealing as my track record for losing things by myself isn't good...however this time I’m almost 99% sure someone is now taking advantage of my favorite little red device. I guess I learned my lesson and should just be blessed that it was only my phone! From now on I will take only my keys to work and keep my cell phone on me at all times!
You don't realize how much you depended/used something until its gone! At first I was REALLY upset as I didn't want to head to Wichita without my phone (not to mention it had my whole life on it-calendar,contacts, photos,etc) but then as I got on the road (without it) this since of peace came over me. It was the best 2 days ever! I loved the fact that no one could get a hold of me and I couldn't contact anyone else! This day and age we thrive on being able to stay connected with the outside world at ALL times and I think this effects how we view life.

So now I am currently using my old flip phone until I make my decision of what to do. Decisions/Decisions!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So its been 1 month and 1 day since I posted last and alot has gone on since then...but I won't bore you with the details. Major detail: My computer broke and was able to get a new one thanks to Best Buy "no lemon" program!

My little project of the evening: Valentines Day Cookies!

Tomorrow I have to go to Emporia Presbyterian Manor for work. After work i'm going to go visit my grandparents and eat supper with them! My grandma is still fighting caner and grandpa has turned into the chef, so i'm going to give him a break for the evening and bring supper to them!  Can't wait!
Saturday: KSU basketball game in Manhattan

Sunday: Relax and CLEAN (did I mention CLEAN) my house needs it! Oh and my sister is to come into down for a 4-H event. I think i'm going to have lunch with her and my old 4-H agent.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY FRIDAY and a GREAT WEEKEND!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby its cold outside!

I can't believe how cold it has been the last couple of days! Today was a refreshing change to see the sun and it did feel a little bit warmer.

Thursday I went over to the Patton's to have a delicious dinner, watch the National Championship Game, and meet little Sami! Good time was had by all! Thanks to the Patton's for inviting me over- can't wait to see Sami again!

Yesterday I went to KC to see Katie & David. Katie & I went to the KC Bridal Show to get some ideas for her big day. We were able to get  a few ideas, and if anything it was nice just to be able to spend time with each other.We went to Nikos for dinner.. yummy! I love that place, even if its one that you can only go to once a year because of the cost! A crazy thing happened-- a lady that was my manager in highschool at Pfaltzgraff sat next to us at the restaurant. She had came up to KC for the weekend and just happened to reserve the same time as we did. Crazy small world.

Friday night I got to see my other parents (Katie's parents) they were in Topeka for the Kansas fairs and festivals convention. The convention had a music/talent showcase where bands get 20 minutes to give a mini concert and show us what they got. I enjoyed listening to all the different groups. Thanks to Bev & Steve for inviting me!

New Years Revolutions- overall doing okay. I have been GOING to work with a positive attitude...(can't say that it lasts throughout the whole day-- but hey- got to start somewhere. I worked out this last week (not very hard-but at least started me off) I have a hard time working out when is SOO cold outside. Hopefully it will warm up just a little bit outside so it will be better.

Received a couple unexpected phone calls-which is always fun!

This week I need to get Christmas thankyou cards out, I feel really behind on this one!
Stay Warm!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Highlights from 2009

Highlights from 2009 (Not an any particular order)
- New Years Eve Aggieville Ball Drop Festivities
- Jay & Amy moved to Wichita
- Graduation from KSU
-Katie & David got engaged
- Logan John was born
- KSU football team went 6-6
- Passed RD exam
- Took my first big kid job
- Moved to Topeka
-Connor & Katelin celebrated their 3rd birthday
-Jessica & Terren got married
-Mel had a baby boy, Cameron
-Random weekend adventures with friends
-Aiden Lee was born
-Went to Nebraska for a week to help my aunt & uncle

While I'm sure that I am missing some major other events, I think these about sum it up. It was a year full of lots of change for me, not sure it has been my favorite year so far-- but a good one none the less. 2010 looks to be a year with weddings and i'm excited to celebrate these times with friends! ( including my best friends wedding) :)

This year a few things that I'm going to work on is: my weight, getting back to regularly exercising (this is one thing that I lost in 2009) finding a church in Topeka area, continuing to grow and develop my relationships with friends & family, going to work with a positive attitude, living for today, possibility starting my masters, & making the most of my current life without trying to picture the future.
Below you can find what I woke up to at my place on Christmas. Needless to say I was kind of snowed in, but still made it to work-- just took a while.

Bring on 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

horrible day

haha... so much for the RELAXED Monday at work! It was one of the worst days I have had in a while! I'm upset to say the least. Let's just say alot of people at work are currently "testing"  me and to be honest i'm at a point where they can just do my job if they know so much about it. I've never worked around so many 2 faced stabbing in the back people, honestly. I try to give my professional opinion regarding certain situations and they don't even listen because well they know best .Don't ask for my opinion and then turn around and talk to someone else without listening to what I have to say. Its RUDE. I would like to work in a facility that values professional information, and work collaboratively as a TEAM for the best of all residents.

Its Christmas-- happy time of year right? WRONG.I'm ready to go home. Friday around 3pm can NOT come any sooner. I just want to go home.

On a positive note. I was able to go watch my 12 ranked (in one poll) Wildcats play tonight. It helped take my mind off of this crap at work. While they have a little more work to do, it was good to get another win.

Off to bed, need to get to work early tomorrow -- so i can sort out all this crap.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas plans

Christmas.... So I just found out/made the decision that I WILL be working on Christmas. YES, people do work on Holidays if you can imagine! Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it)  I work in a business that never shuts down. Why you might ask... because  I work inside a person's home!  This isn't the first year that I have worked on Christmas, as I did this once in college while working at the hospital. Figured I could handle it a second time around.

This year is going to be different. My grandma has decided/we decided for her that she won't be able to have Christmas this year at her house. Grandma is battling cancer yet once again and really isn't well enough to cook for all 22 of the grandkids (if I can count right). I'm going to try to go down and see her and gpa sometime shortly after the first of the year.

Last night I had a Christmas Party at my house with friends and family. It was great to get everyone together again! We had a fun time eating, drinking wine and playing the Wii! With that being said... yes I did end up getting a Wii and it turned out to be a good decision! We had a blast last night playing all the different games.. such as cow racing and boxing.  I did NOT grow up with any sort of game system in the house, so this is a new experience for me. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I do like that it IS active. I kind of want to get the Wii fit or Wii active that goes along with it. -- We will see. You would think that I would have pictures to share from last night--- nope-- not a single one. I even had the camera out and everything- totally forgot.  

This should be a short week for most people and even with me working it SHOULD be a more relaxed week at work-- we shall see.  Tomorrow night is the KSU men's basketball game, looking forward to going to that.

Off to bed for me! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time together (even though sometimes those family events can get a little crazy) :)