Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby its cold outside!

I can't believe how cold it has been the last couple of days! Today was a refreshing change to see the sun and it did feel a little bit warmer.

Thursday I went over to the Patton's to have a delicious dinner, watch the National Championship Game, and meet little Sami! Good time was had by all! Thanks to the Patton's for inviting me over- can't wait to see Sami again!

Yesterday I went to KC to see Katie & David. Katie & I went to the KC Bridal Show to get some ideas for her big day. We were able to get  a few ideas, and if anything it was nice just to be able to spend time with each other.We went to Nikos for dinner.. yummy! I love that place, even if its one that you can only go to once a year because of the cost! A crazy thing happened-- a lady that was my manager in highschool at Pfaltzgraff sat next to us at the restaurant. She had came up to KC for the weekend and just happened to reserve the same time as we did. Crazy small world.

Friday night I got to see my other parents (Katie's parents) they were in Topeka for the Kansas fairs and festivals convention. The convention had a music/talent showcase where bands get 20 minutes to give a mini concert and show us what they got. I enjoyed listening to all the different groups. Thanks to Bev & Steve for inviting me!

New Years Revolutions- overall doing okay. I have been GOING to work with a positive attitude...(can't say that it lasts throughout the whole day-- but hey- got to start somewhere. I worked out this last week (not very hard-but at least started me off) I have a hard time working out when is SOO cold outside. Hopefully it will warm up just a little bit outside so it will be better.

Received a couple unexpected phone calls-which is always fun!

This week I need to get Christmas thankyou cards out, I feel really behind on this one!
Stay Warm!

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