Saturday, January 2, 2010

Highlights from 2009

Highlights from 2009 (Not an any particular order)
- New Years Eve Aggieville Ball Drop Festivities
- Jay & Amy moved to Wichita
- Graduation from KSU
-Katie & David got engaged
- Logan John was born
- KSU football team went 6-6
- Passed RD exam
- Took my first big kid job
- Moved to Topeka
-Connor & Katelin celebrated their 3rd birthday
-Jessica & Terren got married
-Mel had a baby boy, Cameron
-Random weekend adventures with friends
-Aiden Lee was born
-Went to Nebraska for a week to help my aunt & uncle

While I'm sure that I am missing some major other events, I think these about sum it up. It was a year full of lots of change for me, not sure it has been my favorite year so far-- but a good one none the less. 2010 looks to be a year with weddings and i'm excited to celebrate these times with friends! ( including my best friends wedding) :)

This year a few things that I'm going to work on is: my weight, getting back to regularly exercising (this is one thing that I lost in 2009) finding a church in Topeka area, continuing to grow and develop my relationships with friends & family, going to work with a positive attitude, living for today, possibility starting my masters, & making the most of my current life without trying to picture the future.
Below you can find what I woke up to at my place on Christmas. Needless to say I was kind of snowed in, but still made it to work-- just took a while.

Bring on 2010

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