Monday, December 21, 2009

horrible day

haha... so much for the RELAXED Monday at work! It was one of the worst days I have had in a while! I'm upset to say the least. Let's just say alot of people at work are currently "testing"  me and to be honest i'm at a point where they can just do my job if they know so much about it. I've never worked around so many 2 faced stabbing in the back people, honestly. I try to give my professional opinion regarding certain situations and they don't even listen because well they know best .Don't ask for my opinion and then turn around and talk to someone else without listening to what I have to say. Its RUDE. I would like to work in a facility that values professional information, and work collaboratively as a TEAM for the best of all residents.

Its Christmas-- happy time of year right? WRONG.I'm ready to go home. Friday around 3pm can NOT come any sooner. I just want to go home.

On a positive note. I was able to go watch my 12 ranked (in one poll) Wildcats play tonight. It helped take my mind off of this crap at work. While they have a little more work to do, it was good to get another win.

Off to bed, need to get to work early tomorrow -- so i can sort out all this crap.

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