Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life's adventures

A wise person once told me that I need to keep a journal of my life's adventures so that later on down the road I could go back and recall all the simple things in life that we often forget. Most of you know, writing is not my specialty, but I do enjoy photography, so I plan on doing a little bit of both on here as long as I can figure all this out. Bare with me as it might take a while!

Okay enough of that! This weekend was greatly needed as I was able to stay home and relax. Since my birthday (the end of September), I feel like my life was on a never ending roller coaster that wouldn't slow down! From a work trip to Georgia to getting the H1N1 flu (that set me back a week and 1/2 from work) to then being gone again to another work trip to Denver.... well you get the picture. On Saturday I went shopping for a lamp and some decorations for the house, found a few... pictures to come! (as soon as I figure that part out) Later that evening I made Taco Soup and took it over to Krista's house to watch the KSU-OU football game with the Patton's. We had a blast watching the game, eating the yummy's soup, cinnamon rolls and trying a few new drinks.
Well its off to do laundry so I have clothes for the week!

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