Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Small little break

I think I'm ready for a break from the big kid world. Things just seemed to set me off today.. even the small things that normally don't. Everyone was getting on my nerves and just went into work with the wrong attitude. Maybe some time apart from me and the "job" will be good. I'm going to take off Thursday, Friday and the weekend. Thursday will be the big feast with the family, Friday shopping, and Saturday KSU basketball game.. looks as if my time off-- really in fact isn't time OFF per say... don't you HATE that!

My brother currently has my camera, so sorry no new pictures. Not sure what I would take a picture of, but I'm sure something that would strike your fancy. I should get it back on Thursday, just in time for family Thanksgiving day pictures! :)

Went to Mexican Dinner Tuesday tonight for supper... yummy! Gotta love cheep food & drinks & friends! 

Thinking of Mel as she is coming upon her due date for the little one!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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