Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I thought I would do a better job of this... obviously not since it has been a week now since the last post! Last week was a not so good week at work, just seemed like I could never get out of the place and ended up staying late most of the week. The charts were/ and are still piled high on the desk. ---well enough about that.

Went to the KSU vs KU football game last Saturday and had a good time with Katie and David. It was good to spend time with my best, it had been a while. We tailgated before the game and David made some yummy breakfast burritos. Ashley came over to the tailgate before the game, and it was good to see her- even if it was only for a short time! After the game we went down to aggieville to visit So-long Saloon-- yummy! It was very busy and was wondering if the wait was worth it...thank goodness it was! Overall great day- spend time with friends, good food, watching great KSU football, and last but not least KU losing! Talked to Amy today and am already looking forward to this weekend for phase 2 only this weekend will also include basketball.

I went to get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed last week as I talked about.... I seriously have bad luck when it comes to beauty salons. The hair cut wasn't too bad, but they burnt my eyebrows, it even blistered and everything. I'm just hoping it won't leave a mark for the rest of my life!

Off to bed a little early... going to try this whole get to work early thing.

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