Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wacky Weekend

Whew.... What a weekend. I started off Friday in at work for a few hours and then headed to Wichita for a dr. apt. After the apt did a little shopping with mom and then headed back to Topeka late that night. Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to KC. At KC I met up with family and headed to Lincoln for the KSU vs Nebraska football game. Connor had been staying at Gpa's & Gma's so I got to ride up to Lincoln with him. We reviewed our colors, shapes and letters via his fun computer and flashcards! Upon entering Lincoln he was able to show us where you can get icy's and even direct us to his house (well kind of need to work on the left and right thing) :)

Football game wasn't as cold as I was expecting which was nice! It was a beautiful evening to watch football.. too bad my cats wern't able to pull it off! I love watching football, you never know what is going to happen. This year was the 3rd straight time (every-other year) I have been able to watch it in Lincoln. Football season is now over and its time to look back at how far the team came. I think overall it was a good building season for us, even though banks will be missed. Look forward to watching them in 2010!

We didn't get back home till around 3am on Sunday morning from the game. I was able to sleep in this morning and then we went to "The Blind Side" movie. AWESOME movie! I remember watching an Ole Miss game and them having a little clip on him and his family a WHILE back.

I'm now back in Topeka ready (well not really ready) to start another work week. This week SHOULD be a short one with Thanksgiving on Thursday, but I do know alot has to be done before then in order for me to be gone on Thursday and Friday. My house/life is a wreck with me having been gone alot this last month and working INSANE hours, so i'm ready for a little calmness but not sure I see it in the future.

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  1. I love it! More pictures, please. :) Thanks for sending me the link - don't know if you read ours ever, but... in case you're ever really, really bored!