Monday, November 16, 2009


This morning when I went outside I was greeted with a great surprise... SNOW! It was to see a change of seasons even though Fall is my FAVORITE season . You can't beat seeing the snow fall from the sky and I can't wait to start playing Christmas music!

Another day of work has come and gone and I'm currently working on baking some sweet potato bread for tomorrow. I am going to do a little nutrition talk on sweet potatoes tomorrow for the residents. This is my first time doing a "lesson" for them so they are looking forward to it... something new for them. Hopefully this bread turns out as I haven't ever tried this recipe before. If it turns out good I will post the recipe.

This last weekend was the ultimate WILDCAT weekend...full of Men's & Women's basketball games, Volleyball and Football games. While it didn't favor well for my football boys it was good to see family and friends. I enjoyed going to the basketball games, and can't wait to see this team progress over the season. I also can't wait till next weekend when I head to Lincoln for the game! Hopefully the wildcats will be able to pull off the win!

I'm off to do some more research on sweet potatoes... :)


  1. How was the sweet potato bread??

  2. Sweet potato bread ended up turing out really well. It was very moist! I'll have to pass on the recipe.